Which Is the Best Kratom for Sleep? How to Use It?

kratom for sleep

Health experts recommend at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily. Little wonder then that an average healthy human spends one- third of his life, dozing – or attempting to.
Sadly, research shows that over 40 percent of Americans do not sleep long enough. Disturbingly, many are ignorant of the dangers of recurrent sleeplessness; several others have lost confidence in the available pharmaceutical sleep aids.
While some of these medications deliver far less than promised effect, others come with risk factors, including substance abuse, addiction, and dependence. Most sleeping pills prescriptions come with different adverse effects.

Introducing Kratom for Sleep
In searching for a more natural, safe, and more effective recommendation, science has moved attention to alternative medicines for a solution. One worthy mention among the alternatives is Kratom.
If you found this article, it’s most likely you’ve, at least, encountered the word ‘’Kratom’’ and just wondering how it can help your insomnia.

Whether you know little – perhaps nothing – about Kratom, this article talks about Kratom for Sleep.
For many centuries, Kratom powder has served meritoriously in medicine and recreation, particularly across Southeast Asia.
While the substance only got western attention lately, the herb had always been a prescription for relaxation and a peaceful sleep among these natives.

Understanding Kratom for sleep
Kratom, scientifically called Mitragyna Speciosa, is a psychotropic plant acclaimed to offer several health gains. The leaves are the main active ingredients in increasingly popular Kratom products.
Although Kratom products are primarily known to manage sleeplessness symptoms, it’s also purported great for pain, opioid cessation, anxiety, and depression.
The substance delivers similar effects like the more-common morphine and codeine products. Research traces its impact to mitragynine, a high-potent chemical in the plant that interacts with opioid receptors.
Quickly, let’s discuss how Kratom can help you sleep better

How Does Kratom Work for Sleep?
Kratom contains alkaloids. This compound binds with the brain’s receptors to deliver specific effects, namely:
– Sedation
Kratom is mainly known to cause calm and help you doze quickly.
However, when checking out Kratom products for sleep, remember that not all Kratom strains deliver the sleep-inducing body-high effect you desire.
While some Red Kratom strains are best for sleep, the White variants will most likely ruin your sleep plan and, instead, keep you energized and active.
– Body Ease
Kratom contains hydroxymitragynine, a chemical that helps users deal with physical discomforts and, in turn, leaves them at ease and calm – a good state for sleep.
– Stress Relief and Anxiety
Anxiety and stress are common enemies of sleep. Many insomnia cases are a result of stress effects, including depression and anxiety.

Kratom’s purported anti-stress properties come handy here. It helps you wind down after a stressful day, preparing for a long sleep.
Some Kratom Strains Won’t Help You Sleep When scanning through Kratom product listings online, you’ll encounter a confusing lot of options. Note that these products contain different types of Kratom.
Yes, Kratom is of different varieties, commonly called strains. For clarity, White, Green, and Red are the primary Kratom strains– each with their sub-strains.
Which strain causes sleep?
– White Kratom
No, not this.
If you need sleep, avoid White Kratom. This Kratom strain class is typically uplifting and stimulating. They won’t make you relaxed and might even cause anxiety.
– Green Kratom?
Green Kratom strains won’t make you sleep either. Although relatively mild, strains under this class offer too-much-stimulation-than-needed to doze off.
However, a little too much of Green Kratom may usher in calmness and bits of sedation. Well, since a ‘little too much’ (of anything) is never a good thing, we advise you to look away from the Green Kratom’s family for a sleep aid.
Now you know the White and Green Kratom variants won’t help you sleep, we’re left with one option – the Red Kratom.
– Red Kratom
Before you jump at just any Red Kratom, note that some Red Kratom won’t help you sleep.
For instance, Red Maeng, Da Kratom, and Red Thai Kratom are notably strong variants that deliver a blend of calmness and stimulation.
While you may feel relaxed and sedated with higher doses, low doses will, at best, help you chill out. Such decent amounts are also suitable for pain relief but with some strokes of energy and focus, which isn’t healthy for your sleep quest.

Red Borneo, Red Bali, and Red Indo are the best Kratom options for insomnia. From findings and personal experience, these options are best for insomnia.
While it’s one thing to know what Kratom strain works for insomnia, how to use them is a whole different ball game. For best results, let’s quickly discuss some dosage tips:

Kratom for Sleep Doses
First, regardless of the purpose of your doses, ensure you begin with the lowest possible. Excessive dosages might cause your body to build drug tolerance.
Besides, the more you consume, the worse adverse effects. In the end, too often, extreme doses offer more harm than a solution.
If you wish to dose Kratom more as a supplement than to handle particular health concerns, consider these rough doses tips:
– Starters may begin with 2-3 grams
– Moderate doses stay around 4 to 5 grams
– High doses range between 6 to 7 grams
That said, remember chronic Kratom use may cause drug resistance.
Hence, occasional doses may help. Chronic doses often build resistance and dependence.

Except for some critical conditions, a 3-5 gram of good quality red
Kratom should be adequate to handle underlying causes of insomnia,
including pain and anxiety, while ushering relaxation and calm for a
long peaceful shut-eye.

Preferred Consumption Options
Choosing a method to dose Kratom for insomnia widely depends on individual preferences. While some prefer to mix the powder into their beverages and food, some chew the leaves, raw.
Being a highly potent herb, Kratom, when mixed with other drugs, may cause undesirable effects.
Hence, avoid using Kratom alongside other medications. Besides, it would help if you talked to your doctor before you begin your Kratom doses.
Wrap Up
Insomnia isn’t only a huge frustration in itself; it impairs several body functions, particularly relating to mood, motor control, and mental function. These effects impact your daily productivity adversely.
Are you battling insomnia? Don’t feel bad – over 300 million people are fighting too, globally.

But why most are on an endless pursuit for a more natural, safe, and effective sleep aid, you just found a sure way around it.
For the best sleep aid, Borneo, Indo, Sumatra, and Bali are the best
Kratom for sleep.

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