Kratom’s Strain Chart

kratom chart

Modern medical science is always inspired and fulfilled from Mother Nature. 35% of the medicines are discovered with the link of natural products. Plants and biodiversity is endless source of knowledge and cure but we have not yet reached to full potential.  The ultimate painkiller morphine is derived from opiate family plants. Recently CBD are also getting popularity for pain management and different advantage.

One of the newly known but traditional plant “Kratom ” got attention due to its unique properties that can help us in many body function. This mitragyna species plat is commonly grown in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia since many years. Local people were using this plant as a traditional medicine to boost energy, pain killing , appetite and sexual desire. They were also using it to heal the wound, to treat cough and diarrheal and to get rid of stomach worm.

What are the positive effects of kratom on body?

  • It works as a stimulant (Just like tea or coffee)
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce pain in body
  • Increase appetite
  • Improve Libido

Some medical benefits of Kratom

  • It improves your immunity and body’s ability to fight dieses
  • Helps to control your blood sugar
  • It has antioxidant properties to keep you young
  • It provides better and deeper sleep

Kratom's Strain

Kratom’s alkaloids

All living natural things are made of different chemicals. Plants are made of phytochemicals but some of them are having special chemicals which are known as alkaloids. They are known for strong effects on body when consumed in small amount. Some examples are coffee, tea and opium. In kratom there are 40 chemical compounds and some major alkaloids like mitragynine, mitraphyline, phynchophylline, 7- hydroxymitradynine, corynanthine, raubasine. They all works differently in body.

Kratoms can be differentiating according to its vein color and country of origin. Vein color can be red, green, white or silver.

 As you can see in chart

Red maeng da is better for pain relief and will give you sedation.

White maeng da is most suitable to give energy and pain relief.

Green maeng da is for energy and mood enhancement.

Gold maeng da is specially known for mood enhancer.

Red indo provides mixed effects with mood enhancement

Green indo is also mood enhancer with energy and mixed effects

Red bali is mood enhance with moderate pain relief property

Green malay is for energy and sedation

Red malay is overall good for all four property

Trainwrek is also multipurpose kratom with all good effects

You can say that green vein is best for mood enhancement with some painkilling effects that can lasts up to 8 hours. Red vein Kratom is superior in painkilling and gives you sedation lasts up to 5 hours. White vein is best for energy boosting lasts for 3-5 hours.

There are also side effects associated with moderate or higher dose of kratom. Common side effects are Diarrhea, nausea and breathing problem. In most case these side effects are mild and in few case it can be serious. 

Overall kratom is better and well tolerated compare to opiate painkiller. You can view and study this Infographics.

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