How to Take Kratom Powder? Know The Toss and Wash Method.

kratom toss wash

If you’re wondering the best way to take your Kratom powder, the toss and wash method is a good recommendation.

The toss-and-wash technique is pretty easy and straightforward. Little wonder it one of the most popular methods among Kratom users.

This article guides you on how to take your Kratom powder through the Toss and Wash technique. It explains all the basics.

But before we go into how to toss and wash, first,

Why is how to take Kratom powder a big deal?

Honestly, the Kratom powder is anything but tasteful.

Worse, the strong bitter taste lingers long after consumption. You don’t want to have this experience a second time. Also, quality Kratom powders are finely ground and can choke you.

Imagining the taste and throat havoc and other nauseating effects users report, you’ll wish you had some better dosage option without all the trauma and throw-ups.

Scared? Don’t be! Toss-and-wash looks like a more taste-bud-friendly alternative.  

What is the Toss and Wash Method?

Literally, Toss-and-Wash means ‘tossing’ Kratom powder in the mouth and ‘wash’ (flush) down with liquid, like water.

The methods come with different variations, though, which we’ll study shortly.

This method entails chugging a bad-tasting substance. This method is desired as an alternative to capsules, for users who detest pills. It’s also a preference for those who do not enjoy Kratom in their food or smoothies for its unpleasant taste.

Pros and Cons of Toss and Wash Method

Although the toss and wash method is a straightforward consumption method, it had some bad sides.


  • Quicker than brewing tea, packing capsules, and other time-consuming multi-steps processes
  • Fast absorption into the body.


Toss and wash has some weaknesses, though. Including

  • You can’t escape the Kratom powder taste. The taste may be no big deal for regular users, it can be a put off for newbies. 
  • The powder can choke you and make you cough and waste the powder

These concerns are nowhere near the benefits. And if rightly done, you won’t get so much bad taste:

How to toss and wash


  • Measure your dosage

While this seems rudimentary, it’s easy to forget, particularly among newbies.

‘Eye-gauging’ the Kratom quantity may not give you the most appropriate measurement. It’s best to measure with a scale to get something more definite.

 If you’re not sure what an appropriate dose is, begin with low amounts and work it up until you attain the most suitable option.

Kratom effects vary across users – some need higher doses than others. It all boils down to individual tolerance levels. You may need some personal experience to discover what works for you. As soon as you get a suitable dosage, you’re good to go.

  • Pour your dose into a glass

Measure out your ideal dosage into your glass. This makes toss n’ wash easier and more easily accessible. While this is necessary for beginners, you’ll get used to the doses over time, and there may be no need for scaling before pouring into your mouth.

  • Put (toss) in your mouth

The ‘tossing’ part can be fun.

 When tossing Kratom into your mouth, target the center of your tongue. Otherwise, it may end of the end of your throat – an awful experience that may trigger a cough.

  • Wash

After tossing the desired dosage onto your tongue, Wash with liquids – water or a favorite beverage. Although water is a general recommendation, a cup of chocolate or orange juice will do the same –or even better, since they help you mask the soured taste.

How it goes in may not really count, so far, you take in the dosage.

Other Methods

If the toss and wash method doesn’t cut it, here are other popular options you may want to explore:

  • Kratom capsules

Kratom capsules are another convenient way to dose Kratom powder. This way, you can bypass the soured taste of the herb. Even more, they are discreet and can be popped anywhere and anytime.

However, capsules may take time to breakdown, hence, the effects may come after a slight delay.

  • Kratom Tea

You may also consider brewing your Kratom tea.  Some testimonies claimed that brewed Kratom tea before the day’s work keeps them alert, energetic, and confident about the day’s chores, which increases productivity.

One selling point of Kratom tea is its flexibility. You can mix-in sweeteners and modify the taste to please your unique palate.

Besides, preparing your Kratom tea is a cakewalk and with low chances of causing any unusual reaction.


To many, toss n’ wash is an ideal way to gulp down Kratom. Even, with this method, you’ll still have some ‘kratomy’ after taste. Anyways, give it a try and see if it works for you.  

Although toss and wash is considered the most effective ad straightforward method, you may consider Kratom tea and capsules as you wish.

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