How To Take Kratom. Can You Smoke Kratom?

Smoking Kratom

Lately, Kratom has received good reviews, particularly from first-hand experiences. Importantly, the herb seems like a better replacement for the truckload of chemical-loaded therapeutic prescription drug stores. These conventional prescriptions have been widely criticized for their adverse side effects and addictive tendency.

However, Kratom, being a relatively new concept, has left prospective users with some bouts of skepticism. Understanding how to consume this herb can be somewhat tricky, unlike more-straight-forward cigarette smoking.

 Besides smoking, this article explores several other ways to consume and enjoy Kratom’s potential gains.

Consuming Kratom

The earliest records show Kratom herbs were chewed raw, and users reported remarkable effects with enough dosage.

Like leaves, they are easily used for tea, but with abit of processing. Infusing Kratom in your tea involves picking your kratom leaves fresh. This may be a challenge, as Kratom is mostly available as extract capsules and powders.

Capsules may be considered the most efficient of all dosage forms as they are easier to administer in specific doses.

Although the powder is also as available as capsules, many detest their bitter taste. For this, Kratom powders are usually infused into caffeine-rich drinks, such as coffee.

Many Kratom users prefer the oral dosage in capsules or tablets as it is touted to offer the most convenient, flexible, and most discreet consumption option.

Kratom comes in products with different forms, sizes, and shapes. These products all offer similar effects, except that they come in varying concentrations.

Now, let’s talk about smoking your Kratom

Can You Smoke Kratom?

There seem increasing inquiries about smoking kratom. Notably, we’ve received many questions about whether smoking is a decent way to consume Kratom.

Across many quarters, kratom smoking is widely criticized. Although Kratom leaves burns smoothly, most people are skeptical about how smoking kratom works – particularly in western regions.

Reports say Kratom is but scarcely smoked in Southeast Asia where they are abundantly grown. However, smoking   Kratom may reduce the potency of the herbs as most of its ingredients are damaged by heat.

Hence, kratom smokers may have to use higher doses than with oral dosage. While oral dosages vary across users, based on individual biological factors, weight, and the particular condition, about 20 to 25 grams of kratom leaves fall under the common dosage range.

You can smoke your Kratom Powder, just as the leaves. And until scientific results prove otherwise, the results are practically the same.

Should I smoke Kratom?

Here’s one question widely asked among kratom users. Answering this question can be somewhat tricky. While some support Kratom smoking, others speak against it.

Let’s quickly discuss the cases for and against Kratom smoking

Why you may smoke Kratom

While smoking Kratom may reduce its efficacy, it may also help handle addictions and habits, which may be harmful to the body. And since there are no notable side effects, it may be slightly safer than most smokable substances, such as tobacco cigarettes.

Also, smoking Kratom has no links to drug dependency. This herb offers similar effects as opioids but with a lot less health risk. So, while Kratom may help satisfy your opioid craving, it does so without the associated health concerns.

Kratoms are typical for their ability to manage physical and emotional pain, serving as a mood enhancer, and at the same time, helps you combat discomforting pain, as well as depression and anxiety. Kratom is also used as an aphrodisiac but with less risk, as most libido boosters.

Why shouldn’t you smoke Kratom?

Getting a good-enough effect from smoked Kratom may require a good lot of leaves. This makes smoking kratom somewhat expensive over time.

On the other hand, buying cheap Kratom may be expensive for your health in the long term.  That is, many so-called Kratom herbs may contain harmful substances.

Storage may be a concern as well, mainly if you reside in areas with strong anti-recreational drug laws. Here, you’d want to keep these herbs aside in some drawer or shelf.

Burning does not only remove many components of the plant, it requires many accessories – primarily, matches, sticks, or lighter and where it would be burnt in. This often makes portability an issue. Besides, smoking indoor may be impossible, even around drug-friendly areas, as the smoke might disturb non-smoking co-occupants and also leave your space with offensive smells.

Again, research shows Kratom smoking may pose more significant health challenges than other consumption routes. The rich tar content is brought to bear only with inhalation. Besides, inhalation can also cause respiratory concerns.

While there is no scientific proof that suggests the product’s fatality, they pose a higher risk than most smokable substances.

Any Long term side effects?

Kratom Smokers, as with any substance smokers – like cannabis and tobacco smokers – are widely exposed to a list of long term adverse effects.

Typically, humans are not wired to inhale smoke. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posit that smoking may cause lung-related concerns bydamaging the airways and alveoli (the little air sac situated in the lungs.

While research on Kratom is still in its infancy, smoking, in general, is thought to cause COPD (chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.) Its symptoms include:

  • Tightness in the chest region
  • Shortened breath
  • Persistent coughs
  • Weak immunity
  • Low  energy for physical activities

Smoke inhalation increases the chances of COPD death by 12 to 13 times. So, Kratom might be more harmful than you had thought.

While Kratom is currently being researched, studies have shown links between tobacco and cannabis smoking and some long term mental concerns. Some experts believe this effect may also apply to Kratom usage.

Again, it may be challenging to gauge dosage with Kratom smoking. That is, users can easily overdose.

Since smoking Kratom looks unhealthy, there are other ways to consume the herb’s potentials.

Other Better ways to Dose Kratom

  • Powder

Kratom powder isn’t only safe, it is easy to use. Besides, these powders are the most available of kratom products.

Again, the powder enjoys application flexibility, as it can be infused into tea, beverages, and even water.  Also, unlike smoking, users can measure their doses more accurately.

  • Kratom Capsules

While Kratom powder is most flexible for use, Capsules come with pre-measured doses, allowing you tochose a defined amount. Also, these capsules are easily digested.

Summarily – Can I Smoke Kratom?

Sure, you can – But not advised.

Why so?

Smoking kratommay have several long-term adverse effects, particularly on the central nervous system and the lungs.

Besides, the heat from smoke may destroy some components of the plant and reduce its effects.

With these side effects and the relatively inefficiency of smoking Kratom leaves, you may consider opting for another Kratom dosage alternative. Kratom capsules and Kratom powder are thoughtful options.

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