How Long Kratom Capsules Takes to Kick in?

kratom capsules

If you’re wondering how long Kratom capsules take to kick in, the chances are that:

  • You’re wondering which Kratom product you should try
  • Not sure whether your current doses are effective
  • Or just exploring the Kratom route before you begin your journey

Regardless of your search intent, this article aims to educate Kratom users –particularly new and prospects – on how Kratom capsules work and how soon to expect the effect after dosage.

To begin, let’s quickly discuss what Kratom means – for the benefit of those just starting out.

What is Kratom?

Kratom refers to a tree, scientifically called Mitragyna Speciosa, a native of Southeastern Asia. The plant is widely available in Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Myanmar due to their primarily humid and hot climates suitable for the plant’s growth.

Kratom leaves contain high alkaloids that may not be found in other plants. Researchers have linked Kratom’s increasingly reported medicinal and recreational potentials to these natural properties.

While there is yet no substantial scientific evidence as to its efficiency, Kratom is commonly used to manage several health challenges, including:

  • Withdrawal from Morphine, heroin, and related opioids
  • Cough
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep
  • Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Energy

To name but a few.

For dosage, Kratom is commonly available in different forms. But since you’re wondering how long Kratom capsules take to kick in, this article focuses on Kratom’s capsule.

Kratom’s Capsules

In appearance, Kratom capsules look like your regular pharmaceutical capsules. Appropriate Kratom powder quantities are usually measured by manufacturers and prepacked into the capsules.

Many users prefer capsule because it coats the unpleasant Kratom powder taste, offering a more convenient and discreet route to enjoy Kratom’s promised benefits

Kratom capsules come in different types.

Quickly, …

Types of Kratom Capsules

Before we unveil how long Kratom capsules take to kick in, let’s walk through the different available capsules you’ll find on the market.

  • Vegetarian capsules/ cellulose-based – these kratom-packed capsules contain cellulose, hypromellose, and purified water. Experts say these ingredients ease digestion.

These options have zero gluten, hence, most preferred by vegans and vegetarians.

  • Gelatin-based Kratom capsules – these are more available than vegan-friendly capsules.  Besides their relatively more affordable cost, they offer users different options, as per color, size, and flavors to satisfy wide-ranged user preferences.

Kratom Capsule Vs. Kratom Powder – which should I use?

Here’s a common confusion among Kratom users. If you can relate, here’s why you may prefer capsules over powder:

  • Truly, Kratom is by no means tasteful. For the sweet tooth, you’ll either have to stomach the taste and hope to get used to it or find some way to mask the awful overbearing flavor. Mixing kratom powder into your favorite beverage may help.

Otherwise, Kratom capsules come in handy.

  • Being more discreet, many on-the-go users prefer traveling with capsules over powder.
  • Dosing powder can be messy, unlike capsules
  • Capsules reduce the risk of overdosing. They come in defined doses, which prevents going overboard with your consumption.

How long does it take Kratom capsules to kick in?

Answering the question of how long it takes kratom capsules to kick in can be somewhat tricky.

First, note that Kratom’s effects widely vary across users. Since the Food and Drug Administration does not yet regulate Kratom, it can be somewhat difficult to make definite statements on Kratom’s effects.  

However, many people think being encapsulated, the Kratom absorption process may take forever and a day. Wrong.

Kratom capsules dissolve shortly after consumption – at most, in about 15 minutes. The effects may trickle in about 40 minutes or less after consumption.

Take note, however, that Kratom’s absorption and the resultant effect can be delayed if taken on a full stomach. For this, take your Kratom capsules not less than 45 minutes before any food – or about an hour and 30 minutes after meals.

That said, anecdotal reports show that users may speedup Kratom absorption levels by using grapefruit, lemon, orange, and other citrus juices. These fruits are highly acidic and may promote gastric pH, which facilitates the production of gastric enzymes.

Well, as mentioned, the experience may vary across users based on certain factors.

Likely factors that determine how long it takes Kratom capsules to kick in

  • How much food consumed

If you take Kratom on an empty stomach, expect a faster absorption. However, taken without food, users commonly report stomach upset and nausea.

  • How much water consumed

Your water intake also plays a role in how fast kratom capsules’ effect comes. But measuring the ideal amount of water may be somewhat complicated.

To this end, use enough water that’ll keep you hydrated. Also, note that consuming Kratom capsules with excess water dilutes the gastric enzymes and, in turn, delayed Kratom’s absorption.

  • Tolerance

some may become resistant to Kratom over regular usage. In such a state, the effects are not as pronounced as in starters or those without tolerance.

How long Kratom capsules take to kick in – final notes

Regular doses should begin to deliver on their promises in about 5 to 10 minutes. However, several factors may contribute to how long Kratom capsules take to kick in. typical of such factors may include:

  • General tolerance
  • Kratom Strain consumed
  • Amount of floodwater consumed
  • Weight
  • Age

Since there are yet no regulatory framework from FDA, refer to product labels for dosage recommendations.

However, when starting out with Kratom, as with any new medication or supplement, begin with low doses, watch out for any irregular effects and work out a more personal dosage over time.

That said, if you’ve tried out Kratom but didn’t feel the much-talked-about benefits, the chances are that:

  • You didn’t get the right dose
  • You got a wrong kratom strain
  • You probably have developed Kratom tolerance
  • Your Kratom product is ill-stored
  • You bought low-standard kratom capsules.


How long kratom capsules take to kick in depends on several individual factors.

Hopefully, the guide above should help you find a suitable dosage and as well get the full benefits of the kratom capsule.

That said, do not forget the effect you get is proportional to the quality of your kratom capsules. So, insist on premium quality kratom products and begin to experience all the true potentials Kratom delivers.

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